Triple 10x Wild Slots

Let's go back to classics and try out some of the sweetest payouts of the day with Triple 10 X Wild slots by WGS! There are all the bonuses and amazing symbols here waiting for you in here. You will love landing the winning combination in here which are always generous and have the amazing spirit of old school classics! While the design and features are kept to minimum and as basic as possible in here, you still have loads of bonuses and free games to make your spins an adventure as you get to have them going one after another. Quality graphics and interesting solutions in design are always nice and inspiring. Above all you have amazing opportunities that come with each combination which are always so much more fun than anything else in here. This game is wonderful for relaxed game play as you will get to enjoy it without any complications or extra adjustments. So for simple and classical game play give this slot a spin.

Theme and Symbols

The first thing you wish to know about this game is that all the design and symbols of the slot are made with taste and incredible simplicity. You will find yourself enjoying a true classic game play experience as you are chilling at your favorite pub. All the symbols are there to get you the classic and retro experience. They are all about classic and shiny colorful experience. You will enjoy landing combinations with these great symbols not only because of the generous payouts that they come with but also because you will have so much fun with them. The chilled atmosphere however comes with loads of excitement once you get to land these sweet combinations. So join in for true spirit of classics and enjoy your share of wins!


Triple 10x Wild is a classic retro experience which as could have been expected comes with 3 reels and amazing single pay line. All you need to do here id=s to decide on the amount you wish to bet in this game and give it a go. You can choose to bet from 1 to 3 coins at a time for each spin. Your main aim is to hit a winning combination of the wonderful symbols of the game and you will have the sweet rewards on your count. You have the most useful feature of auto spin in here which is perfect to save you time while you are enjoying the sweet game play. Your entire experience will be something nice, fresh, colorful simple but super fun and exciting. Sounds perfect? Well that is, so join in and try it out yourself!


While the gameplay of Triple 10 X Slots is simple and classic, you will have all the crazy bonuses to make your experience super fun and exciting. This means that in addition to all the wonderful simple combinations you will have something even sweeter to look forward to in here. You will get to enjoy all the advantages that the sweet wild symbol of the game has to offer to you. In case you get to see the sweet multipliers symbols of the game then you can know that you are the lucky one who got to land all the sweet multiplied payouts of the game. There are crazy multipliers in this game which can make your experience super rewarding and you will have the chance to explore and experience each and every sweet opportunity and combination. In order to be able to do this all you need to do is to simply play on and look forward for your moment to hit you.