Cash Cow Slots

Wanna chill in a nice farm full of cows and nature while getting sweet rewards for it? WGS made it possible for you! Cash Cow slot is something interesting and full of great wins for you, so try out this amazing slot game by WGS. The brilliant creator of one of the best slot games out there created a great experience for all the cash and farm lovers. In addition to the fun and charming characters of the game you will get to enjoy all the great features and amazing bonuses. Put on some gloves and get to businesses of milking the generous caws that are full of amazing payout for you. Above all you will be enjoying generous payouts and amazing fun and chilled game play which make it so perfect. This is something nice and chilled for an evening play or if you wish to end your day in a chilled mood and your pockets full of cash. No complication, complicated features or so ever. Enjoy your great experience and have fun in a nicely homey and friendly environment.

Theme and Symbols

For a true and nice farm experience you can find all the great characters and symbols in this game. The creators made it possible for you to enjoy the greatest features that come with the most amazing theme. Super chilled, nice and easy. Get ready for your new generous experience as you play on this slot game. There are all the symbols of a real traditional farm and of course lots of cows! All of your new friendly adorable creatures have loads of amazing opportunities for you, as you get closer to them and begin landing the amazing symbols in winning combinations, you will get to experience all the great opportunities these amazing creatures have for you. Also you will get to enjoy all the amazing and super motivating sound effects which will get you a complete experience as you enjoy the perfect game play. So just enjoy!


The game of course promises you a very chilled and super easy game play so you can expect some of the simplest rules to follow here. First of all you will be interested to know that you are dealing with a sweet 5 x 3 reeled and perfect 50 pay lines slot game. This means loads of opportunities and amazing payouts for you. In addition you are free to choose from betting just one coin to all the way to 150 cons in this game. In case you wish to hit the top payouts of the game, you will need to keep your bets at the maximum amounts. So the top bet is always welcomed! The rest is super easy and fun! You will get to experience a simple game play with loads of opportunities, so good luck!

Bonuses and Features

Not only the game comes with amazing payouts and crazy combinations, but also with loads of bonuses and extra wins opportunities. You have all the great extra win symbols to look for in here. You of course have the wild symbol full of opportunities and the perfect shiny scattered symbol. Here you will get to enjoy the amazing multipliers and free games! You will be excited to know that in the game you will have to discover 2 wilds and 2 scattered symbols, which make your whole experience even more fun and exciting. These great symbols are full of fun and opportunities. As you begin landing those on your winning combinations, you will get to follow just how many amazing opportunities you are unlocking for yourself. The symbols will be there to activate all the bonus games for you and get you the sweetest multiplied payouts. So be ready for the best surprises and start enjoying your great adventure!