7x Lucky 7s Slots

Good news for all the classic lovers! WGS has something special for you that you are surely going to appreciate! 7x Lucky 7s Slot is all the great classic spirit you have been looking for. No extra features and complications. You will get to enjoy all the great spirit of classic casino aiming while the great wins will get you all the excitement and motivation you may need for the day! In case you are one of the classic gaming lovers who are badly tired by nowadays complicated and sophisticated features of slat gaming, this is a perfect opportunity for you. You will enjoying the great classic approaches of this game which have been considered by the developer with such attention to detail. You can be sure that here you will have no distractions and the most basic designs as you will get to enjoy the great opportunities and true gaming experience as you play on. So join in and start winning big!

Design and symbols

In order to be able to enjoy all of the best excitement and experience of the true classic slot gaming, you are going to be introduced to the most simple and classic design with 7x Lucky 7s slots. The basic and the most essential symbols are just what you have been looking for in a straightforward game which is full of opportunities for you. You will get to deal with some of the best classic symbols here of course as well. 7s, Lucky 7s wild symbols, and various other classic symbols are there waiting for you to hit some of the hottest wins out there. Look forward to landing simple but generous combinations and enjoy the true classic gaming spirit full of opportunities.


What would you expect to experience with a true classic slot game? Of course classic game play including 3 reels and a single pay line is waiting for you. This is exactly what you are going to experience with this slot game which is also featuring immense amount great wining opportunities for you. You can bet from just one coin to 3 coins while you should know that the top amounts will become available for you to hit in case you bet the maximum amount, so you can be considering this option in case you wish to aim at the biggest payouts of this game.


The game is so famous among the passionate players mainly due to the brilliant multipliers 7x Lucky 7s Slot have to offer. You will have great opportunities to have up to 49 times your win in case you are the lucky one who lands the great multiplier symbol. In case you bet all the three coins you will get the chance to aim at the top amount of multiplier of the game so keep your bets at max and hit the biggest wins out there.


What could have ever made your great classic gaming experience even more perfect? Of course the great hot progressive jackpot which you are going to love. What is special about this opportunity for you here is that the great amount keeps growing as you play on and in case the sweet amount reaches $25.000 it will be hit by a random player. So you can imagine how exciting it can be in case you get to play when the amount is close to the great top amount. In this case you will have even higher chances to win the sweet amount. In order to hit the amazing hot progressive jackpot, you will need to land three jackpot symbols on you pay line. So you have all the chances to win big in this game so good luck!