Wheel of Chance 5 Reel Slots

Some of the best opportunities of a truly exciting slot game come with a wonderful and even more exciting Wheel of Chance by WGS. The game is a nicely updated and easily played so for some of the best features and amazing opportunities you may wish to give this slot game a go. There are endless bonus features and shiny characters of the game available to get you the hottest payouts out there. In addition you will get to enjoy some of the most typical classic slot game symbols which are made with nowadays high quality design and great video effects. The payouts of the game are just as exciting and you will love landing the great and crazy combinations of the game as you play on. Get ready for your adventure and have loads of fun hitting great wins in here.

Theme and Symbols

The game is something like a mix of great and adventurous features and nice and classic symbols and design. The creators kept in mind the great simplicity and endless opportunities for the players like you seeking to land some of the greatest payouts and leave the session with some real cash. Above all you will have all the wonderful symbols of a real classic game play while enjoying the nowadays great quality in design and all of the opportunities that feature. The game is pretty simple to enjoy while there are wonderful features to be discovered as you play on. You will get to enjoy some of the most generous scattered symbol in addition to a wonderful wild. The game has all the bonus opportunities for you and the appropriate bonus symbols which are there to trigger these wonderful opportunities for you will be there to become your most favorite ones in this game.


The game is a wonderful 5 reeled and 20 pay line opportunity which gives you so many wonderful options and opportunities to play this wonderful game. There are great options to bet from just 0.01 if you wish to use only one line with the minimum bet amount to all the way to 200 in case you go ahead and place your maximum amount on all the available lines of the game. While the game comes with so many features and bonus opportunities, the process of playing and joining the game remains super simple and easy. You will have the chance to just enjoy the experience while all the great opportunities just keep coming to your hands. So expect to have a relaxed yet exciting gaming experience here.


As the game features all the exciting bonus symbols you can expect loads of bonus opportunities which become available to you once you join the game. It is always very easy to trigger these bonuses as you play on and you will get to enjoy every single of these opportunities as each of them is super generous and fun. You will have the wonderful wold symbols which will be there to get you great wins in addition to the scattered features. This one will be there to get you all the amazing multipliers and great bonus games. You will definitely love the wonderful amazing bonus games which are there to make your gaming experience even more fun. As you get at least 3 scattered symbols on your active lines you will be granted with amazing amounts of free spins which come with even higher payouts than usual ones. In addition you may wish to keep your initial bets at the top levels in order to be able to hit the top amount of multipliers and greatest jackpots of the game.