Dragon Master Slots

What about some great exciting gaming experience that feature all types of scary but at the same time rewarding characters like dragons and their friends? There is something special looking for you then. The brilliant and talented games creator of WGS developed something very special for enthusiasts just like you. While you will get to enjoy all the scary huge creatures out the, you should be aware that the great characters of the game are there not to scare or disturb you, but to get you the top payouts of this amazing game. You can enjoy the great theme and incredible graphics of this game which comes with top quality design that the creators put inside of each feature. At the same time you will get to enjoy some of the most basic and simple game plays out there, so no worries about any complicated adjustments or hardly triggered bonus games. You of course have some of the basic bonus symbols in here, and the endless excitement is always at the place. So get inspired and give it a go! Good luck!

Theme and Symbols

The entire theme of the game is something very special and different. Expect to see loads of dragons and all the features symbols and characters. You will have all the great fire, slightly dark atmosphere which is just perfect to put you in the right mood. Now imagine the most perfect sound effects that go greatly with the game spirit! You will have so much of fun in here. As to the quality of the game, here there can be no worries at all. The bright developers of the game put their best to make this a very exciting and high quality game. You will get to enjoy all the great opportunities of the game that come with the top quality game play. You will get to only join in and start enjoy and having fun. Waste no more time and join in!


The great game of Dragon Master comes with the best opportunities for you. In order to start enjoying to you will only need to go ahead and start putting your great bets. You can start your betting on this quality game that comes with the nicest 5 reels and incredible 25 pay lines. Of course you can choose to play on only one of the lines or go up all until you get to play all the generous 25 pay lines which will enable the opportunity to hit the top payouts of the game. Now the best part of this all- you have great flexible options when it comes to placing your bets. You can choose to play from just $0.01 to $10 for each of your spin. Meanwhile we hope you remember that top payouts are available only for the players betting at the top amount. So the useful advice here for you will be to give the top amounts a go and aim at the top payouts!


While the creators of the game made sure you will be having the most chilled gameplay, you can still expect endless amounts of opportunities and excitement that some of the special symbols of the game have to offer to you. You have the basic wild symbol in this game of course which is always something special and in this game is also very generous so you will be looking forward to landing this one. Then you may get super excited about the amazing scattered symbol that is in there to get you all the great free games and amazing multipliers of the game. You will be here betting for amazing opportunity to hit amazing 10 free spins and the top payout which can be worth up to 4.000 coins. So it is worth a nice and generous spin from your side for sure, Try it out and keep your expectations on top amounts!