City of Gold Slots

Start your adventure in a mysterious city of gold which was created for you WGS. Get lost in amazing Aztec-themed slot game which is full of amazing treasures and seas of opportunities. You will get to experience a very simple game play with many flexible betting options. In addition there is some amazing themed symbols in the game which will keep you entertained and excited throughout your game. There are also great bonus symbols in the game which are there to get you even higher payouts and endless amount of fun and excitement. The amazing bonus games, free spins and incredible multipliers ware there to get you a wonderful experience while you will also get to enjoy amazing quality and endless opportunities just for you. So get ready for your next adventure full of some real cash and give it a spin!

Theme and Symbols

The theme of the slot is rather popular among the players from all around the world. What makes this experience so special and unique is the amazing quality of the game and endless opportunities it has to offer. As you play on, new opportunities and payouts become available for you; so no way for you to get bored or so ever! You will have all the great symbols from a rich and mysterious city to take you to a nice and exciting adventure in addition to all the amazing sound effects that are there to pass you the perfect spirit and endless fun. Look for amazing combinations of the game that are very generous and remember to keep your eye on the amazing bonus symbols which will get you the hottest emotions of the game.


City of Gold is a wonderful experience that comes with 5 reels and 25 pay lines. In addition to amazing combinations you will also get to enjoy some great bonus games which are full of amazing payouts. All you need to do to enjoy all of the opportunities of the game is to simply place your preferred bet and that's it. Here you will get all the great flexibility you have been looking for. For each spin you may wish to have, you can choose to play from only 1 cent. Of course the more you bet the higher payouts you are aiming at. So you may wish to play all of your lines and place the maximum bets of the game. The maximum amount you can pay per line for each spin is $10. The top payout of the game can be worth $60.000 so betting at max is always a great idea!


The game comes with amazing wild symbol which is full of the best opportunities for you so you will love to land this wonderful symbol. In addition, you also have the amazing scattered symbol which is even more generous. This great symbol will get you the chance to hit all of the amazing multipliers and free games. These are wonderful opportunities for you as here you will be playing for even higher payouts and endless surprises which will keep cheering you! If you are having your lucky day, you will get to hit the amazing amount of 15 free spins that come with great 3x multipliers so you are definitely going to love this symbol! Above all the opportunities, you will find it the most pleasure to just feel the amazing spirit of the game which will be super magnetic for you that will make you want to come back over and over to this slot. Enjoy the game and have fun with all the great opportunities of the great slot. Good luck!