Fat Cat Slots

Want to have some fun with a charming game that come with great payouts? It is even more exciting than it sounds. There are loads of opportunities and endless fun involved in the Fat Cat slots that has been developed by the great and super creative game developer WGS. The wonderful creators put op quality and amazing bonus opportunities for you. Above all you have the amazing quality to enjoy and great opportunities to explore at his game. The main character of the game is of course that adorable cat which is going to be very generous to you. So as you enjoy the game and have fun, make sure you keep an eye on the cat and look forward to the amazing opportunities and surprises that it has to present to you. Good luck with this game!

Theme and Symbols

The entire game is rather cartoonish, as you will start meeting your charming and of course fun characters of the slot game. You will have the chance to have loads of fun with the fat and super rich cat and all the featured symbols which come with amazing payouts for you, You only need to try and do your best to land wining combinations with all the possible symbols out there and you will be rewarded nicely. All of the great symbols are worth landing and each of them will get you endless amounts of opportunities and great surprises. Meanwhile you will need to look forward to landing the incredible wind symbol which comes with loads of special and even better experiences for you. Entire design and the effects are made with the highest quality out there so you will enjoy every second spent with this incredible opportunity. You will also want to be back and get more of the excitements as you play on with this game. So beware that you may be playing one of your future favorite slots out there.


Fat Cat slot is an amazing opportunity that comes with shiny 5 reels and generous 20 pay lines. The game has loads of opportunities there, at the same time you will have the most flexible betting options to choose from so whatever type of experience you may be looking for in here, you will be able to find out. There are options for you to choose to play from just $0.01 to all the way to $10 on each spin. In case you wish to give the top bet amount a go and aim at the top payouts of this game, you will be super happy to learn that your top bet amount can be worth up to $200. In addition, you have amazing gaming features which are there to get you amazing convenience as you play. You have the useful auto spin feature in here, which will allow you save time and efforts in spinning the wonderful reels manually each time. You will hence have the chance to send the number of spins you wish to have non-stop and start enjoying the experience of amazing game play from one go. This is something very useful and you will definitely appreciate this one.


Some amazing opportunities of the game keep growing in value with the great bonus symbols of the game which are there to get you endless amount of opportunities together with amazing amount of emotions and excitement. You will have some great bonus symbols to look forward to landing to in this game including the wild and the scattered symbols. While your wild is there to get you even faster and bigger wins, your sweet scattered symbol will trigger all the bonus games and of course so much desired multipliers. Your top payout of the game is worth 5000 coins while the top multiplier you have the chance to his is 1000x your triggering bet. This is just the beginning of the great excitement of the game and as you play on even more opportunities will come across you. So join the fun experience and explore all of your opportunities!