Beat the Bank Slots

Something exciting and adventurous is here waiting for you. If you are tired of simple and repetitive themes and similar features, here is something full of passion and great action just for you. Beat the Bank slot by WGS is an incredible unique themed game which is full of incredible opportunities and hot payouts for you. This is a true adventurous experience which will take you to an interesting mission of filling your suitcases with cash. You will have the chance to experience some of the greatest stories in here which will help you hit the bank and take as much of cash as you will be able to. At the same time the game play remains super simple and easy and all that is left to do for you is to enjoy the wonderful story full of adventures and big wins.

Theme and Symbols

So let's stray exploring the great story, you are going to get involved with in here! First of all you will need to have the perfect plan to get to the bank and rob it in the way that the FBI is not able to track you. You will have all the great featuring symbols of the game to accompany you as you go for your mission and get the hottest payouts. You will need to have the great combinations to start giving you the money you are here to take with you. The bank heist-themed symbols include such great symbols as robber/thief, bank safe filled with cash, the security officer on guard, as well as security cameras keeping a watchful eye on nightly activities, blueprints of the bank's layout and scintillating diamonds stored in velvet. You will also have the most appropriate and cheering sound effect to be with you as you win and all the way of your exciting game play. Now add the perfect quality and amazing graphics. This is something special and perfect, so you will definitely want to try these great slots out. While exploring the amazing story, you will get to unlock all the great opportunities and amazing wins. So good luck on your mission and get it all!


The game is surely something special to experience which is full of amazing opportunities for you. You will get to enjoy the great 5 reels of the game and amazing 25 pay lines which will get you the best payouts of the game. In addition the game comes with incredible flexibility and a bag full of opportunities when it comes to betting options. Here you can bet from just $0.01 to $5 on each of your spin. As you have guessed correctly, you will have some amazing opportunities when you decide to play at your maximum amount. The top valued bets get you the top payouts. So in case you decide to play all of your pay lines and go for the maximum payouts of the game, you have the opportunity to bet up to $125 per spin. This is a gorgeous amount which has some incredibly amazing opportunities. So make sure you try it out.


In addition to loads of excitement and adventures you will also get to experience some amazing features and bonus games of this slot. For one you have the amazing wild symbols which will get you even higher payouts. In case land this magical symbol in any of winning combinations you will receive super generous payouts so you may wish to keep an eye on this one. Meanwhile you have something even more amazing to look forward to in here. Well, yes, that is possible! There is a great scattered symbol which is an amazing one that comes with crazy multipliers and activates all the free games in here. So loads of surprises are here waiting for you. Lose no more time and start your adventure for today with Beat the Bank Slots.