Funky Chicken Slots

Looking for something easy and fun? Have you already tried some nice farm themed slots? WGS introduces something special and colourful in within this amazingly popular theme. You will find yourself somewhere warm and nice in the countryside looking after your sweet chickens which are also very rewarding as you find them all. There are some great opportunities in this game which come with incredible quality and amazing sound effects. You will find t very easy and simple to play this great game. Above all it is guaranteed that you will be having all the fun discovering all the exciting opportunities of the game. You will be receiving amazing opportunities and pleasant surprises throughout all of your gaming experience. For a nice and chilled game full of fun and humour! Looking for just such an experience? Welcome to Funky Chicken slots!

Theme and Symbols

For a real farm experience the creators of the game made sure you will have all the great spirit with featured characters and animals to let you feel it all. Above all the great wins of the game, there is lots of fun and emotions to experience in here, Great characters are made with top quality while cheerful and bright sound effects make your chilled experience just perfect. Look for the great chickens which are there to reward you nicely! Meanwhile the entire graphics is kept nice and simple with landscape of pink and purple skies and a large cornfield extending towards the horizon.


The game play remains simple at all times, you will have the great betting options to choose from meanwhile placing a bet takes several simple seconds as you make one simple button of Bet. You have 5 great reels in here which come with incredible amount of 25 pay lines. You can choose to play on as many lines as you may wish while playing on them all will trigger all the great and the most amazing payouts for you. Above all, the creators of the game though all about your great convenience in here. You can make the best use of the great auto spin option in here. This is a very useful feature as it is there to help you have even more efficient and convenient game play. Simply sat the number and amount of the spins you wish to make on this great game then give them all a go from there on. There will be no more need for you to spin the reels manually all the time as the spins will start happening one after another triggering all types of generous opportunities for you!


Along with all the nice and charming characters of the game which reward you once you land them in a winning combination, you will also have the sweetest wild symbol in addition to the amazing scattered symbol. Your wild symbol will be there to get you all the great wins as it goes ahead and covers up for a missing symbol in your winning combination. While the scattered symbol is even more exciting! It will be there to trigger great free games and amazing multipliers for you. We are talking about nice and sweet 15 free games and amazing multipliers which can be work 5000 times of your bet! Pretty wild and crazy!? In order to be able to hit the top opportunities of the game you will need to place top bets in the game so consider the top bets for this game as the rewards wort it totally. There is so much more in here so once you are in you will start exploring even more generous and surprising opportunities for you. Join in and start enjoying them all!